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4KBW is a dynamic civil law set of barristers’ chambers based in the Temple.Chambers prides itself on delivering excellence in all areas of service. Our tenants are dedicated to applying the vast range of their knowledge in the representation of their clients’ interests, from skilled advisory work and tenacious negotiation to meticulous drafting and fearless advocacy.

Our Work

Here at 4KBW our barristers have unrivalled experience and a plethora of expertise. Our focus remains on corporate civil law work spanning Insolvency, Aviation, Commercial and Chancery, to name a few. As one of the UKs finest sets of chambers, 4KBW undertakes some of the most commercially cutting edge advisory and litigation work; we hold ourselves to the highest standards but maintain a friendly atmosphere.

What Do We Look For In a Candidate?

The ideal candidate should possess great intellectual ability, be highly motivated to undertake a large commercial work load and must have exceptional communication skills both written and oral, with a particular ability to examine legal problems. We search for candidates who are driven and motivated to pursue a career at the commercial bar.

The Mini Pupillage

Mini pupillages are a crucial part of our application process and Chambers' ethos. For individuals interested in acquiring further experience of the Bar, commercial work, and Chambers in particular. Completing a Mini-Pupillage at 4KBW will be an invaluable experience. Here at 4KBW we offer mini-pupillages of 3 or 5 days duration throughout the legal year. A mini-pupil typically spends time with several different members of Chambers and can expect to attend court, mediation/tribunal hearings or conferences. In addition, there will be an opportunity to revise legal paperwork and complete legal research. Generally mini-pupillages are not assessed. They represent an opportunity for the mini-pupil to get a better idea of the practice and people of 4KBW.

My Experience of Mini Pupillage

Esther Bukoye

Esther Bukoye

I had the opportunity to spend 4 days working in chambers. Even though it was only 4 days, it felt like I was part of chambers for much longer than that. This in part was due to everyone’s welcoming and open attitude. The staff got to know me beyond a ‘CV profile’ of being a student from so and so university, but as an individual. Members of chambers took time out to even have lunch with me and ensure that I was getting the most out of the mini-pupillage. Tasks I fulfilled included research work, reading bundles for chambers and also forming several chronologies. The great thing about doing these tasks was being critiqued on it. It is one thing to do a task to keep yourself busy, but even better when you do so in order to improve.The head barrister revised my work by letting me know if I missed anything out or if I needed to include a particular thing etc. I found this extremely helpful because on a mini-pupillage you learn by doing, as well as observing. Some highlights of my mini-pupillage experience include attending several courts, such as the Rolls Building.

Sitting in on cases, gave me the opportunity to proactively talk with several court staff, including those judging such as the Deputy Master. I was taught an important lesson whilst on this mini-pupillage - the importance of being commercially aware. Particularly as the majority of barristers are self-employed, this point is sometimes overlooked, this was not the case here. Overall, I found my experience at 4KBW to be a truly enjoyable and educational one. I learnt not merely about the role of a barrister, but about the functions of chambers as a whole. The importance of all parts, from the valuable role of the clerks to that of clients and lawyers involved.

My Experience of Mini Pupillage

Ben Sulley

Ben Sulley

Having never stepped in a law firm never mind a barrister’s chambers, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I arrived at 4KBW for a four-day mini-pupillage. What I found was an extremely friendly yet professional atmosphere, and I would like to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome.

Day one began with Matthew, a pupil in Chambers, taking me on a tour of some of the courts in London. As I live in Mid Wales and study at the University of Birmingham, this was the first opportunity I had had to visit the Royal Courts of Justice and the Rolls Building. The tour put into perspective how the courts mentioned in various law reports we are required to read as law students really are not that distant as they seem. It was also interesting to see the contrast between the procedures of the various courts. For example, in the Rolls Building where some cases are over in seconds.

The tour ended and I headed straight to the County Court at Clerkenwell and Shoreditch to spend the afternoon sitting in on a road traffic accident claim. The case was due to start at 12:00pm but was delayed to later in the afternoon. The client and I headed to a local café to have lunch in the meantime – something unique to my mini-pupillage I’m sure. This case allowed me to pick up on some things that barristers do in their day-to-day lives that I did not expect to see, such as not standing up when addressing the judge. Following the case I had the opportunity to ask questions on what I had just witnessed, my thanks go to Helen for answering them.

The next morning was spent in Chambers, reading the papers for the costs and case management hearing to be attended later in the afternoon. Having the opportunity to read the bundle beforehand allowed me to see the relationship between barrister and lawyer, and the process that leads up to attending court. The clinical negligence case was not only relative to my current studies but also showed how much each court can vary, from the kindness of the judge to the way in which barristers advocate. I would like to thank Christopher for his help that afternoon.

I got an insight into a completely new area of law on the third day. Despite having no knowledge of aviation law, I had no difficulty in diving into the case bundle in front of me. I liked how it was far more technical than the two other cases I had already experienced, and I would jump at the chance to gain more experience in this area of law.

My final day in Chambers began with a visit to the Rolls building. The case I was supposed to see was adjourned, so I was allowed to sit in on a case that was of interest of me. Given that this was the day before Good Friday, there was only one possible case available (I did not realise to what extent the legal industry shut down days before a public holiday). The case was a land dispute regarding easements. Again, this opportunity allowed me to contrast various ways of advocacy and the different tolerance levels of judges of different levels.

The afternoon was spent with Lawrence, the Head of Chambers, focusing on commercial awareness. Being so focused on legal principles and cases, as a law student it is easy to forget that a barrister’s chambers is a business. I am extremely grateful that Lawrence gave me this opportunity to see chambers from a completely different point of view.

I would encourage anyone aiming for a career at the Bar to apply for a mini-pupillage at 4KBW. The four days spent in Chambers provided an excellent insight into life at the Bar. I would like to thank Rob and John for arranging a smooth and interesting mini-pupillage.


How to apply

Candidates are encouraged to apply for a mini-pupillage as far in advance as possible; Chambers receives many applications and spaces fill up quickly.

To apply for a mini-pupillage at 4KBW your applications it to be made in writing to chambers and include a one page covering letter and C.V no more than two pages.

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