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Daniel Villas Boas

2014 Brazilian Lawyers Exchange
Partner CFVB

Daniel Villas Boas

2014 Brazilian Lawyers Exchange

Partner CFVB

Nine Brazil qualified lawyers attended the 2014 Brazilian British young lawyers exchange programme occurred in London, England, from 17th November to 12th December 2014.

Its comprehended a four-days training at BPP Law School, studying the English Legal System, international litigation (Jurisdiction and Choice of Law); Introduction to EU Law; UK Bribery Act; Principles of English Contract Law; Sales of Goods and International Trade and Arbitration and International Litigation.

Furthermore, the programme included one-week placement in a solicitors firm, two week in a Chamber of Barristers, evening seminars and a lot of drinking sessions, as well. I was placed at 4KBW The Chambers of Lawrence Power.

The most interesting question in this programme is WHY?

Why Brazilian Lawyers are:

  • Studding the English Legal System?
  • Investing money, time, setting their office aside to work in London?
  • Away from home, family, partners and own clients and revenue?

Why Bar Council, British barrister and solicitors:

  • Offering placement to Brazilian lawyers?
  • Offering to training Brazilian lawyers?
  • Investing time, money, set their office, clients, and families to hold a seminar?

From the Brazilian side it is very simple, because in Brazil we have a Civil Law State, our institutions are quite new compared to British ones, we do not have such division between Solicitors and Barristers or century Chambers and libraries, the Clerk job role or the historical courts buildings.

We know whether we aiming to deliver a high level of international legal services to our clients we need to be among the utmost professionals rendering legal services in the world, the most qualified and most traditional on a world-wide basis and we must invest some time, money to learn with them.

We can realize from the investment made by British barristers and solicitors in this programme that we can work together, developing an international networking and better assisting our clients in cross board investments from Brazil to England and Wales and vice-versa.

Brazil is a key market to United Kingdom and our clients can benefit choosing the England and Wales jurisdiction and governing laws, the fast proceedings, freezing injunctions and all the knowledge on international trading.

There is a potential market share to be improved, which certainly will bring growth and revenue to our offices, and happiness to professional involved in immersions on English legal system.


My personal experience at 4 King’s Bench Walk (4KBW) – The Chambers of Lawrence Power.

It was a huge pleasure to have been placed to attend a short term programme in international and commercial litigation at 4KBW – The Chambers of Lawrence Power.

4KBW is lead by Lawrence Power, a very passionate barrister, an inspiring mentor, a truly leader with lots of enthusiasm and energy. It is possible to see in his eyes how great is his love for being a barrister.

He is a real master who teaches and develops barrister and pupilages. He is an open-minded professional who only wants to deliver the highest level of excellence to the Chambers’ Clients in areas of international and commercial litigation.

4KBW has a modern approach and in my view as a lawyer are heading to be even greater.

4KBW has a unique team of professionals with energy, enthusiasm, people who shares their thoughts and works in a very collaborative team working to achieve the high level of excellence in rendering legal services.

Furthermore, 4KBW is located in the heart of Honorable Society of Inner Temple, a very rich and historic place, where is located the famous Temple Church.

In this area, everyone is very proud to tell to visitors and pupilage or foreign barrister about the history that surrounds the place back to the middle of the 12th century, when the Military Order of the Knights Templar built a fine round church by the Thames, which became known as the Temple Church. Two centuries later, after the abolition of the Order in 1312, lawyers came to occupy the Temple site and buildings.

The Great Fire of London of 1666 destroyed many of the Inner Temple buildings and a series of subsequent fires and 20th century war damage were responsible for further losses. However, King's Bench Walk is one of the best-preserved chambers buildings in the Inner Temple, which date from the 17th century, 4KBW was built in 1667.

Although it is a historical building the 4KBW has a modern approach and are focusing in a continuing developing to anticipate the client’s needs in areas as Data Protection and Commercial Litigation.

A lawyer could not be more happy in working in this area and having some lunches in the Hall of Inner Temple, one of the ancient hall of the Knights of the Temple, a place where barristers, pupilages, judges has been studying in discussing the justice since 15th-century. It is amazing for a lawyer. 

Daniel Villas Boas




Yuan Xing

2014 Chinese Lawyers Exchange
Huanzhonglaw, Bejing.

Yuan Xing

2014 Chinese Lawyers Exchange

Huanzhonglaw, Bejing.

In 2014 I fortunately got the invitation from The Bar Council of England and Wales to take part in the training scheme for Chinese lawyers. During that scheme, I was arranged in 4KBW Chambers of Lawrence Power for 2 weeks placement.

The members at 4KBW deeply impressed me because they are all professional and warm-hearted. They brought me to the court as well as the case management conference, gave me various kinds of legal documents to read, answered each of my questions on legal issues, and discussed with me on the difference between English and Chinese legal systems, which are all valuable experience for me. Besides, in order to help me learn more on common law system, the Head of Chambers arranged me to draft some essays on several academic and practical topics. The members of the chambers showed me how to use the library, recommended books for me, and patiently answered every question I raised concerned. Furthermore, they even gave me so many tips and recommendations on London’s living and entertainment, which indeed helped me, as a foreigner, be accustomed to the brand new living environment quickly. I am very grateful for their help and care.

Although I just stayed in 4KBW for 2 weeks, it was one of the most wonderful experiences during my life. Staying with so many talented people during this placement, I learnt more on English law, gained valuable professional connection and friendship, which would definitely benefit my future life and career. I sincerely hope that I could have cooperation on the legal issues with the Chambers in the future.

Xing Yuan

Attorney at Law