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Samsung Galaxy S10’s connection failure.

18-April-2019 16:42
in General
by 4KBW

Samsung Galaxy S10’s connection failure.

Samsung have released their Galaxy S10 in Korea and it is already generating several connection complaints!

Korea states that Galaxy S10 users have no problems connecting to 5G, the issue occurs when customers connect to their LTE after being connected to 5G. Interestingly enough the phone does not recover its connection until users have rebooted their phone numerous times.

The Galaxy S10 5G is only available in Korea, it is expected to launch in the US on May 16 to Verizons network on a short-term basis. The Galaxy S10 is the fourth smartphone within the Galaxy S10 line-up.

In response to the issues, Samsung have delivered the relevant software needed for the phone to switch independently to each network. Regardless it is still bad news for Samsung. Two network carriers in Korea, LG U+ and SK Telecom have said they their 5G base stations are all up and running with no problems.

5G is only just beginning to launch so there is likely to be a number of issues. Many people have decided to wait before purchasing the Galaxy S10 until all the issues have been sorted out.


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